Wildwood Academy Covid-19 School Scenarios for the 2020/21 Academic Year


First and foremost, Wildwood Academy will be open on September 8th, 2020 for the 2020/21 school year! Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, there are various scenarios of how we will be operational. We've outlined those below.


While we will continue to try and follow Hood River County School District's yearly calendar for holidays and start/end dates,  we fully intend to make our own decisions for our school community (as an independent school) that will allow us to open the school to the greatest extent possible while following all state mandates for public safety.  Please understand that some state requirements are unclear (for instance, does having groups of 10 or less in stable groups for summer camps apply to schools)? We are doing our best to interpret and work within state guidelines while providing a 'normal', inspiring, and productive school experience.

We are very lucky to have a relatively small community, flexible scheduling, and critical technology already in place to continue learning in any situation.  Our building is incredibly well-designed, with independent HVAC units in each of the three classrooms, the library, the art room, and the Revel Room, ensuring cleaner air throughout our learning spaces.  We will enhance our cleaning and sanitizing procedures and reinforce proper hygiene routines for all throughout the day.  We will also attempt to have as much outdoor class time as possible.


We want to learn in the safest way possible!


Scenario I: Phase Two Opening 


We are hopeful that Hood River will have achieved Phase Two of the re-opening process, which will allow groups of 50 to gather in a shared space. In the event of a Phase Two opening, we expect minimal impact to our daily schedule other than ensuring we are meeting Covid-19 requirements (hand sanitizing, daily cleanings, etc...). However, state requirements are always changing and we will adapt as necessary.

Scenario II: Phase One Opening

In the event that Hood River does not achieve Phase Two for reopening by September 8th (and continues in Phase One), we can still have a relatively normal opening under Phase One guidelines of 25 people or less. Because of the layout of our school, it will be easy for us to have school in different physical areas that meet state guidelines. It may mean staggering some of outdoor activities (something we're already working on) and limiting all-school assemblies. It may also mean staggering days to ensure we are meeting social distancing requirements (this will be a last resort and will depend upon state requirements).

Scenario III: Alternate Opening Requirements


If the governor mandates stricter social distancing guidelines for organizations such as ours, we have designed an alternate, A-day/B-day schedule.  While not ideal, this option would allow students to maintain a social network with their peers (albeit slightly smaller), connect with teachers in the classroom 2 days per week while still receiving instruction virtually the other 2 days, and participate in outdoor adventures and off-site learning opportunities. 

Scenario IV: Shelter-in-Place

While we are incredibly hopeful that we will be able to return to "normal", we are prepared to turn quickly and move in a different direction.  It is entirely possible that we will be allowed to begin school in the classroom only to be asked to shelter in place yet again.  If that is the case, we are working tirelessly to ensure that the curriculum remains rich and varied, and that we are able to make daily contact with students in the virtual world, without a loss of instruction time.  Any transition to or from distance learning should be seamless for students.  Should such a scenario happen, we will be pro-rating the annual tuition by 20% for each week that we are not in the classroom.  Such a deduction would come in the form of a refund at the end of the academic year.  Additionally, should a loss of instruction time happen, we are prepared and willing to extend our academic year to ensure that students receive as much teacher contact as possible.