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Wildwood is open for the 2020/21 School Year

All students join Core (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies) and Math classes via zoom in the mornings and participate in at least 3 OPTIONAL half days per week of outdoor, in-person learning and adventure.  Outdoor classes take place in stable cohort groups of no more than 10.  Masks are mandatory at all times.  

On Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020, Governor Brown announced that local communities may decide when it is safe to return students to in-person instruction, making the general metrics “advisory” rather than “mandatory.” Her announcement was effective as of Friday, Jan. 1, 2021.


Wildwood Academy will continue to partner with the Hood River County Health Department with regards to determining the timing of returning to in-person instruction. We will also continue to use the general metrics as a guidepost. At this juncture, Wildwood Academy plans to continue offering comprehensive distance learning with limited/optional in-person instruction to all students throughout the entire second trimester (March 12). Pending a positive trend in COVID-19 data and support from Hood River County Health Department, we may explore the option of returning to full-time in-person instruction in the third and final trimester.  Should this become a viable option, we will follow the safety protocols that are outlined in our operational blueprint.


Wildwood Academy appreciates your patience and understanding as COVID-19 data and government guidelines and mandates continually change. 

To access the Oregon State of Education operational blueprint for 2020/21 school reentry, please click HERE.

To access Wildwood's updated Covid-19 Policy, please click HERE.

To access Wildwood's health screening protocol, please click HERE.

Signs of Illness - Quarantine Protocol

Signs of illness include and not limited to: chills, fever 100*, sore throat, cough shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, achy muscle pain, new loss of smell and taste to name a few...basically feeling crummy. Please stay home.

Return: At this time, 3 days later without drugs and/or fever-reducing medications, and no symptoms.

If symptoms persist call your Primary Care Provider, PCP.

Generally, the closer a person is to a confirmed COVID-19 case, the greater the need for isolation:

● People who have tested positive for COVID-19 should isolate.
● Any person who has been in close contact with a person with positive COVID-19 should quarantine.


If you suspect Covid-19 symptoms:

  1. Contact your Primary Care Physician, PCP, should you suspect that your child is ill. Your PCP will guide you through the steps for your child's care.

  2. Please contact Wildwood Academy if your child becomes ill at home.
    Phone 541.645.4281, email their teacher or ​

  3. Wildwood Academy will contact the Local Public Health Authority, LPHA, and Hood River County Health Department, HRCHD. The LPHA and HRCHD will guide Wildwood Academy through the process of contacting other potentially exposed individuals.

Your PCP, LPHA, and the HRCHD will determine when it is safe for your child to return to our outdoor programs. Once we have received verification from your PCP, and the other agencies, that your child is fully recovered your child will be welcome to participate in the optional outdoor programs.

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