Wildwood is open for the 2020/21 School Year

All students join Core (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies) and Math classes via zoom in the mornings and participate in at least 3 OPTIONAL half days per week of outdoor, in-person learning and adventure.  Outdoor classes take place in stable cohort groups of no more than 10.  Masks are mandatory at all times.  

To access the Oregon State of Education operational blueprint for 2020/21 school reentry, please click HERE.

To access Wildwood's updated Covid-19 Policy, please click HERE.

Health Screening Protocol:
Each parent/guardian will certify the following before arriving at any location for in-person learning:

● Complete the daily health screening via Bloomz
Each student will certify the following before arriving at any location for in-person learning:

● I agree that if I have a fever, cough, feel short of breath or am experiencing any other symptoms or have knowingly been exposed to a communicable disease such as COVID-19 or have traveled to or from a highly impacted area​, ​I will not school for at least two weeks after exposure or symptoms have subsided or I have returned from a highly impacted area.

• ​In addition, if a student and/or parent guardian discovers that the student has been exposed to a suspected or positive case of COVID-19 and/or have tested positive for COVID-19, they will notify Wildwood Academy immediately.


Student Protocol: Drop-off 

•Students will arrive at their scheduled drop-off time and meet with their group at a safe social distance - a minimum of 6 feet apart and wearing a mask ​at all times​.

• Students will place gear in the designated location and immediately wash their hands.

● Students will use ONLY their own materials and supplies for academic work. There will be no sharing of personal materials, supplies, food, or water bottles.

• Students can utilize necessary equipment at Wildwood’s outdoor campus as directed by a staff member. All equipment will be sanitized after each group.

• Students will be able to utilize the toilet as needed. Students will be allowed mask “rest breaks” as needed.

*Students arriving after their group has departed MUST be escorted to the group location by a parent/guardian on foot - no cars allowed at the outdoor classroom.


Student Protocol: Pick-up 

• There will not be any congregating allowed. Students will keep their masks on until they get into their car for the drive home. Students are not to stand or sit less than 6 feet apart when they wait for their ride home.

• All students need to be picked-up no more than 10 minutes after their outdoor class session ends.


• Any student that does not follow social distance guidelines of 6 ft apart and/or appropriate mask use will be reminded to do so. If a student does not follow guidelines, they may be required to take a break from the outdoor learning pods until they are able to keep their classmates and Wildwood staff safe.

Staff Protocol

• Teachers will wear masks or face shields and keep them on as required by state regulations, and maintain a social distance of 6 ft from others.

• If whiteboard or other materials are being used to help give instruction, students should not touch them.

• Teachers will not touch students (except in a medical emergency) or students’ personal items.


Parent Protocol

• ​Parents will ensure that their children have passed the health screening before they drop their student off at any outdoor learning location​. This screening is to be completed daily to ensure the safety of other students and Wildwood staff.

• Parent access at any outdoor learning location will be limited. Wildwood Staff is asking parents to drop off and help their children only as needed, leave the premises and wait in their cars for pick up.

• Parents who need access to an outdoor learning location will wear a mask and keep social distance of 6 feet apart from any students, other parents, and staff.

• Parents will arrive at the designated pick-up time in order to minimize the ability for students to congregate. All students need to be picked-up on time. If there are consistent challenges with pick-up times, students may lose the opportunity of participating in outdoor learning activities.


Signs of Illness - Quarantine Protocol

Signs of illness include and not limited: chills, fever 100*, sore throat, cough shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, achy muscle pain, new loss of smell and taste to name a few...basically feeling crummy. Please stay home.

Return: At this time, 3 days later without drugs and/or fever reducing medications, and no symptoms.

If symptoms persist call your Primary Care Provider, PCP.

Generally, the closer a person is to a confirmed COVID-19 case, the greater the need for isolation:

● People who have tested positive for COVID-19 should isolate.
● Any person who has been in close contact with a person with positive COVID-19 should quarantine.


If you suspect Covid-19 symptoms:

  1. Contact your Primary Care Physician, PCP, should you suspect that your child is ill. Your PCP will guide you through the steps for your child's care.

  2. Please contact Wildwood Academy if your child becomes ill at home.
    Phone 541.645.4281, email their teacher or ​admin.assist@wildwood-academy.org

  3. Wildwood Academy will contact the Local Public Health Authority, LPHA, and Hood River County Health Department, HRCHD. The LPHA and HRCHD will guide Wildwood Academy through the process of contacting other potentially exposed individuals.

Your PCP, LPHA and the HRCHD will determine when it is safe for your child to return to our outdoor programs. Once we have received verification from your PCP, and the other agencies, that your child is fully recovered your child will be welcome to participate in the optional outdoor programs.