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Oregon Coast Range Bicycle Camping Trip

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This trip is Included in tuition with no additional costs.

7th/8th Grade: April 14th - 16th

5th/6th Grade: May 5th - 7th

Location: Banks-Vernonia State Trail

Lead Guides: Chris and Jean

With misty forrest and historic tressel bridges, this trip includes two nights of van supported bike camping in the Oregon Coast Range. Expect to ride ~10 miles on the first and last day, with a hike on our layover day at L.L. Stub Stewart State Park. Along the way we will focus on successfully implementing the many of the outdoor skills that students have practiced through out the year. Whether its leave-no-trace principles, morse code, first aid, emergency response, knot tying, or wilderness awareness, students will be challenged to put their skills to the test with the help and support of our Wildwood guides.

7th/8th graders will be expected to share a tent that they set up as well as assist with cooking and camp set-up. Tents will be designated by gender (no co-ed tents allowed).

Please contact Chris Moon at for additional details.

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