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Wildwood Expeditions

Each year, Wildwood students engage in multiple expeditionary trips. These trips are designed to get the kids out in nature and a challenge to their resilience and ability to work in teams.

Some trips are more comfortable with the kids staying in cabins and others are more rugged with students staying in tents and taking an active part in cooking and camp preparation. We also have optional trips for students and families.


We also partake in many impromptu day trips such as hiking to Mount Adams, cross-country skiing at Teacup, rock climbing at Smith Rock, kayaking the Klickitat river, and whatever else our staff and parents feel in the spur of the moment.

Included trips in the annual curriculum:

- Overnight bicycle and camping trip along the Oregon coast (all school).

- 8th grade camping trip to the San Juan Islands.

- 2 night overnight trip to Camp Bishop in the Olympic Peninsula to end the school year (entire school).

- 2 night overnight trip to Westwind on the Oregon coast (entire school).

Optional Trips for Wildwood families. These trips are open to all family members.

Summer, 2023

- 4 night/3 day camping and rafting trip on the Rogue River.

- 4 night/3 day camping trip to Joseph, Oregon that includes a jet boat tour of Hells Canyon.

Spring Break, 2024

- Week long excursion to Louisiana including stays in New Orleans and at state parks in the Bayou. This will be a very academic excursion that will include lessons in history, geography, and natural science.

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