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Community and Education Partners

Wildwood partners with many local and regional to offer a challenging, engaging, and varied curriculum for our students. Below are some of the more prominent businesses and organizations we work with during the school year:

Teton Science Schools - Wildwood is a strategic partner with Teton Science Schools. They are considered the foremost expert in place-based education. We work with them closely on curriculum development, educational training, and methodology.

CultureSeed - CultureSeed was introduced to us by a Wildwood parent, Carolina Pfister, who is also their Executive Director. They provide amazing opportunities for under-served youth in the community to engage with nature and leadership opportunities.

Brimstone Builders - Wildwood works with Brimstone to offer bouldering and rock climbing lessons throughout the year. It's a great space and the staff is amazing.

The Ruins - Our neighbor at 13 Railroad Street. An amazing venue for both indoor and outdoor events. Tuesday music during the summers are not to be missed.

Hood River History Museum - An amazing resource for our students to research the heritage of their home. The staff is beyond accommodating and helpful. Definitely worth a visit.

Hood River Hotel - The Hood River Hotel works with Wildwood as a space for our trimester celebrations. They are so community focused and the staff is truly professional.

Little White Salmon Biodiversity Reserve - Our S.T.E.A.M. specialist, Kandy Giles, works as LWSBR. It is a 100 acre campus in Underwood dedicated to teaching stewardship to students. It is truly a magical place.

CHALK - CHALK offers both gymnastics and parkour to our students and a great way to get out energy during the winter months.

Empowered Movement Aerial - Picture ballet mixed in with some acrobatics and, finally, a trapeze artist. Only a short walk from our campus, our students love aerial programs.

Hood River Aquatic Center - Water safety and fun is a huge part of our curriculum. We utilize the Aquatic Center for swim lessons, kayaying, water polo, and even scuba diving.

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