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More advanced works are presented to our sixth graders as they begin to delve into more complex societal issues. Advanced technical aspects of writing will be introduced as students continue to refine their writing abilities.

Our 6th grade Literary Arts program meets all Common Core standards. Those standards can be found here.

In addition to Common Core standards, our students will be expected to meet the following goals and expectations:

- Practice 30 minutes of vocabulary each week.

- Practice 30 minutes of technical writing skills each week.

- Read two challenging chapter books each trimester with a 1 - 2 page book report.

- Write a 2 - 4 page creative writing story each trimester.

- Read one chapter book each trimester for class discussion.

- Read 20 poems and memorize one poem.

- Write 5 haikus.

- Write 5 poems.

- Type 30 - 40 wpm by the end of the year.

Our sixth graders will continue to focus on technical and creative writing skills while delving into poetry and prose.


Students will continue to challenge themselves with both assigned texts and texts of their choosing.


Sixth graders will continue to outline, draft, edit, revise, and publish works while presenting to both instructor and peer settings. More emphasis will be given to public speaking and presentation.

An emphasis is placed on autonomously building vocabulary.

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