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7th grade Literary Arts focuses on developing a student's voice and viewpoint. More emphasis is given to autonomous selection of texts and higher expectations for written works. Advanced technical writing aspects are introduced and re-enforced while a higher level of spelling and grammatical ability is expected from our seventh graders.

Our 7th grade Literary Arts program meets all Common Core standards. Those standards can be found here.

In addition to Common Core standards, our students will be expected to meet the following goals and expectations:

- Practice 30 minutes of vocabulary each week.

- Practice 30 minutes of technical writing skills each week.

- Read two challenging chapter books each trimester with a 2 - 4 page book report.

- Write a 3 - 8 page creative writing story each trimester.

- Read one chapter book each trimester for class discussion.

- Write (2) research papers each trimester. Each 2 - 4 pages in length.

- Attend one play.

- Read 2 - 3 plays.

- Write one play or scene (2 page minimum) to be performed in class.

- Type 35 - 50 wpm by the end of the year.

- Write one graphic novel.


Seventh grade students will be focus on dramatic structure as well as continuing to develop technical and creative writing skills.


Most texts will still be thematic in nature and some will correspond with topics studied in Social Studies. Students will be encouraged to select texts outside of their normal genre.

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