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Math Program
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Math 3

Most Wildwood math students will study algebra 1 during their 8th grade year while preparing for the expectations of high school math. More emphasis is given on test taking. For those students not ready for algebra 1, they will continue to study math 2 topics (especially pre-algebra). Some more advanced students, once they have shown a mastery of algebra 1, may move onto algebra 2 and geometry. Math 3 adheres to Common Core standards.

Topics covered will include reviewing content previously covered to build a stonger foundation in critical math concepts. All of Math 1 and Math 2 content check before moving onto algebra 1 material and beyond. Statistics and probability are introduced as well as proportional reasoning. Students will write theorems to write problems and create proofs. Students will gain an understanding of deductive reasoning.

Experiential learning is still a major part of the Math 3 program as students will study inventions and real world structures while applying theoretical math.

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