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8th Grade San Juan Island Trip

Kayaker paddles among Washington's San Juan Islands at sunset.jpg

This trip is Included in tuition. There may be some additional costs.

8th Grade Only: May 25th - May 29th

Location: San Juan Islands

Lead Guides: Laura and Jean

Each year, graduating 8th grade students embark on a trip to the San Juan Islands - a majestic treasure of the Pacific Northwest. From whale watching and marine biology, to an overnight biking and kayaking trip, this expedition will leave every Wildwood student with the desire to embark on a life-long journey filled with care, wonder, and enthusiasm for our natural world. Students will capture this culminating experience with time dedicated to creative writing and artistic expression.

Departing Wildwood after school on Thursday. Stay in Anacortes, WA Thursday night. Ferry to and stay on San Juan Island Friday - Monday  Drive home and arrive at Wildwood Monday evening.

Please contact Christ Moon at for more information.

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