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Wildwood In-Person

Below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding in-person opening:


If you have any questions regarding scheduling and school start and end times, please reach out to Dov Rohan.

Is the week of April 12th the first week of in-person? Yes, but it's a staggered orientation week. POD's 1 and 2 will come all day on Tuesday and Wednesday and POD's 3 and 4 will come all day on Thursday and Friday. We want to give kids, and staff, an opportunity to acclimate to being back in-person.

Is April 19th the first week of true in person? Yes, Monday's at Dov's will remain as usual with POD's 1 and 2 in the morning and POD's 3 and 4 in the afternoons. Starting on Tuesday, the entire school will be in-person together and going to classes as usual.

Starting the week of April 19th, will there still be PODs and Cohorts? Yes. At Dov's on Mondays POD's 1 and 2 will continue to meet in the morning and POD's 3 and 4 will meet in the afternoons. Tuesday - Friday, POD's will be together for lunch and electives.

Will there be a completely online schedule? Yes, with cooking as the only online elective.

What classes will be indoors? Right now, we're planning on morning CORE, yearbook, skateboard, and math. The hope is to have all other classes and activities outdoors.

Can my child take core and math online and then come into school? Unfortunately, no. They need to be online or in-person.

Is it acceptable if my student decides to initially learn online and then change to in-person (and vice versa)? Yes.

Will the DaVinci building elective still be at Dov's property? Yes! Dov will communicate transportation options. We may use the Wildwood van with 1 student per row (4 total). If you do not want your student in the Wildwood van, please contact Dov.


School Preparation

What must be done for my child to attend school daily? You MUST fill in the Bloomz health report prior to arriving at school. Your Bloomz health report will be checked by a Wildwood employee before admittance

Will kids move around classrooms? Yes, because math and CORE each have separate kids.

Will dogs be allowed? Yes, staff dogs will be allowed in the building.

Will there be uniforms? No, there will be a dress code, however, kids are encouraged to wear Wildwood attire.

What is the dress code? We understand there will always be questions on the dress code and not everyone will like it. Please use your common sense when it comes to dress code as this is a school. Please dress appropriately.

No underwear or bra straps showing.

No straps, tank tops, or sleeveness tops of any kind. T-shirts with scoop necks are examples of appropriate clothing.

No holes in inappropriate areas (groin, buttocks, or thigh areas). Please have clothes should be clean.

No mid-drifts or belly showers.

No flip flops or bare feet in the building.

No stand-alone leggings. They must be worn with skirts or shorts.

Shorts and skirts down to end of longest fingertip.

No inappropriate words or images.

What should your student bring to school each day in their backpack?

Snack and Lunch

Water bottle filled with water

Notepad and pens and pencils

Chromebook fully charged

All Textbooks


Reading books


Mask or plastic face shield

Should kids bring Chromebooks? Yes, and please ensure they are fully charged each day.

What if it rains? Bring a rain jacket.

What will happen when kids are dropped off at school? They will meet in their PODS at specified areas.

What time does school start? School will start at 8:15am with movement and journal writing in their respective PODs.

What happens when we drive up? Stay in the car until a Wildwood employee can check your student's Bloomz health report.

What if my child walks to school? They will go to a designated area until a employee can check their Bloomz health report.

What time can kids get dropped at school? 8:00am.

How will lunch work? Kids will eat lunch in their PODs, masks off, 6' apart. They will be allowed to play against other PODs in games like dodge ball with masks on.

Are phones or smart watches allowed to be used in school? NO! Any phone or smart watches will be taken away. They must be turned off and in the student's backpack at all times.

Restrictions and Guidelines

Will all educators be vaccinated?  Most educators are vaccinated, but we are adding some support staff who may not be vaccinated (yet).

What is the social distancing requirement? 3'

Will masks be required? Yes. But, we will give the kids breaks outdoors to social distance and remove their masks. Seven hours is a lot to expect from middle schoolers to wear a mask. Plastic masks are also allowed and allows kids to see each other's faces.

What is the air filtration? Each classroom has a completely separate HVAC system that moves and filters air. We will also keep the front door, and classroom doors, open for more air movement.

Can kids eat inside? NO! No food will be allowed in the school. Kids will place their snacks and lunches in a bin outside and we will have lunch outside.

Will the water fountain work? No, please bring a water bottle.

Will kids use lockers? No, lockers will not be utilized. They will bring a backpack to their desk.

How will bathroom breaks work? No more than one kid in the bathroom at a time.

How often will the classrooms be cleaned? Before and after school and sanitized before and after each class by the students.

Can parents come in the school? No, pick-up and drop-off will occur outside of school.

Will educators wear masks? They will wear plastic face guards as we have some kids with hearing challenges who need to read lips.


What happens if a Wildwood student or educator develops COVID who has been in person? We switch back to completely online for a minimum of two weeks.

What happens if the CDC changes regulations to 6' social distancing? We are back to the hybrid model of online and outdoor.

What if a family member has COVID, but the student does not? School is not affected. The student must stay home (online only) for two weeks.

Must all families sign a waiver to attend in-person or outdoor learning? Yes, we are requiring all families who participate in either in-person learning to sign a waiver. Online families do not need to sign a waiver.

Will there be any consequnces for persistent breaking of rules? Yes. Students that continually break the restrictions will be given two written warnings (to parents and students). On the third time, they will be asked to work from home.

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