Our curriculum focuses on four areas of learning and growth:


Academics: Our curriculum allows our students to thrive academically while focusing on their core interests.  We believe strongly in making learning accessible, interesting, and, most of all, fun. Additionally, we believe in teaching students 'how to be students' by teaching them how to study, work with each other, work with instructors, deal with academic pressure,  learn independently, and to value education and knowledge.


Life Skills: Building life skills is a major part of the Wildwood curriculum; This includes skills used in everyday life as well as social skills (increasingly in need in our society). As much as possible, our lessons are applicable in the real world. For example, we might learn geometry by taking a field trip to Portland to study bridge architecture and design. Community service and giving back are also vital components of our school culture.


Outdoors: A major part of the curriculum is getting outdoors in the beautiful Gorge to instill a love and respect for nature in our students. Our goal is to get outdoors every day: hiking, biking, fishing, SUPing, skiing, or sailing. In addition, we schedule several multi-day (and even overnight) outings throughout the year.


Entrepreneurship and Financial Management: The world is changing. Our students will one day enter the working world. From their first year to graduation, our students will gain an understanding of entrepreneurship and financial management.