Victoria Hubler

6th - 8th Grades: Math, Science, English, History, Health, PE.

I am incredibly passionate about teaching and guiding young people through what can often be a  very difficult, confusing, and turbulent time in their lives.  


Professionally, I have been teaching middle level students for over a decade. I have represented my knowledge of middle level students in national conferences, committees, and institutes for teacher education including AMLE, NSTA, and OMLA. I have an undergraduate degree from Portland State University in Health Sciences with a minor in English and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College.


When I am not in the classroom, you can find me exploring the outdoors and playing with my family. I love to run, bike, ski, garden, and travel.

Claire Gilchrist

6th - 8th Grades: Math, English, International Studies, Science, Outdoor Leadership

I have a Bachelors of Education and Masters of Language Education from the University of British Columbia and a Masters 2 Science du Langage from the Universitie du Grenoble.

As an educator, I have almost a decade of experience in both Canada and France, teaching subjects as diverse as Math, French, Outdoor Leadership, and 'Dragons Den Engineering'.  Most recently, I was the Educational Facilitator (Head Teacher) at the Incentive Outdoor Academy in Richmond, BC, a small school focused on academic excellence and outdoor leadership.  I love diving into meaningful questions and problems with students inside the classroom as well as developing their leadership strengths out in the community.


Alongside teaching, I love to write.  In the past five years, I have become fascinated by urban ecosystems and how wildlife adapt to living in cities.  I wrote a YA novel about the lives of urban coyotes that will be published this coming spring by Dundurn Press.  I am excited to share this quirky passion, as well as my love of learning and of being outside, with the students and families of Wildwood this coming school year.

Michelle Yamamoto

6th - 8th grades: Art

I have lived in Kota Kinabalu (on the island of Borneo) Beijing, China, Manila, Philippines, Whistler, Canada, and Hood River, Oregon. I have exhibited internationally since 1999 and participated in over 50 group and solo shows.


Over the past five years, I have taught my youth art programs: “Brave Art for Youth”, “Fashion Art" and “Skateboard Art” at arts foundations, public schools and in art schools up and down the Pacific Northwest including for  Arts In Education of the Gorge.


Please check out my Skateboard Art teaching video which is on my Youtube channel:


Interests: painting and teaching in oils, watercolors or acrylics. Marketing and distribution of acrylic reproductions, film festival event management, commercial illustration, meditation retreats, skiing, mountain biking, yoga, kiteboarding.

Eric Cohn

6th - 8th Grades:


math eric.JPG

Eric Cohn has over twenty five years of service teaching math to middle school and high school students. He'll be mostly teaching Algebra I and II at Wildwood and will also be teaching higher level math to select students. Any student who has taken Eric's classes with attest to his enthusiasm for teaching math and getting even the most stubborn and uninterested student to gain enthusiasm and understanding of the subject.

Eric is an avid windsurfer, skier, and enjoys getting outdoors anytime he can around The Gorge.

Dov Rohan

Administrative Assistant and Teacher (Outdoor Leadership and Math)

Dov Bio Pic.jpg

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California and was the Valedictorian of my high school. I studied Aerospace Engineering and Physics at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. I played college volleyball, beatboxed in the a cappella group “Take It SLO,” and was the president of the Entrepreneurship club. After graduating in 2006, I let my curiosity and love of learning guide me through many different professions. Some of these professions include: a published physics researcher, scuba instructor, music producer, musician, Ayurveda Health Counselor, builder, landscape designer, farmer and teacher. I lived and worked in Central America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. One of my favorite past experiences was teaching scuba diving internationally, which allowed me to work with people young and old from over 30 different countries. 


My teaching career began in 2010 at an outdoor private school in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I led week-long middle school camping trips in Big Basin and Big Sur, taught 6-8th grade math and science, and worked in preschool and kindergarten classes. 


I'm vegan and love hiking, camping, building things, working with natural resources, gardening, mountain biking, baking, creating music, and living a healthy and balanced life. I’m excited to be a part of Wildwood’s community and share my fascination of learning with students.


"I always knew I would like being a teacher, following in my parents footsteps. I just wanted to explore the world and gain more life experiences before entering the teaching profession. That way I would be able to share more than just the subject material with my students, I would be able to share the world with them.” - Dov Rohan

Claire Howe

Administrative Assistant

claire howe.jpg

I've lived in the Gorge for over 20 years now, and have been working with kids in the classroom and the outdoors for 40. I'm thrilled to be a member of the Wildwood Academy team and to be part of a community that is committed to encouraging children's natural curiosity about academics, the arts, and adventure.


Outside Wildwood I like to read, run, camp, and go rafting. I don't even pretend to be able to keep up with my kids when we ski or hike together.

Story Gorge

story gorge logo.png

Story Gorge is comprised of award winning visual media producers and film industry professionals.  As a social enterprise, they focus on amplifying worthy stories through media education, professional video production and still photography. Story Goge collaborates with Wildwood Academy to enable students to tell compelling stories that evoke empathy and action and empower others to do the same. Classes are project based for maximum engagement and each session will be led by a working professional media producer. From still photography to the basics of filmmaking to stop motion, the Story Gorge team is stoked to work with Wildwood Students!