Grading and Homework

Assessment, Homework, and Celebrations of Learning


At Wildwood Academy, we believe in frequent feedback on intellectual and interpersonal growth. This occurs best through a complete feedback loop  involving teachers sharing learning objectives directly with students, students reflecting on their growth after skills practice, and teachers providing feedback on skill growth and areas for continued development. 

​Parents will receive rubric-based progress reports after each trimester. Additionally, families and other loved ones will be invited to school for “celebrations of learning,” where students can proudly share the artifacts of their work. Mid-year, families will be invited in for student-led conferences, where students, teachers, and parents discuss the student’s progress and the goals for their path forward. 


The objective of Wildwood is for students to use the school-day to practice their skills and complete their work. It’s critical for students to rest and spend time with family and friends after school, and for this reason, homework will not be extensive! Readings, creative projects, and elective enrichment activities may be work students are completing at home. Students who typically need extended time will also be encouraged to take their work home (or use Friday afternoon learning workshop) to accommodate for their learning style and do their best work.