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When Wildwood was formed in 2019, after countless interviews and research, the decision was to have it formed as an LLC. This is a prevailing trend in education. For instance, in 1976 there were 55 schools with a corporate designation and in 2021 there were 742. Non-profits must, by law, be governed by an all volunteer board of directors. Unfortunately, many volunteers have neither the time, or experience, to effectively govern leading to infighting, inefficiencies, bureaucracy, and frustration. In addition, the regulatory requirements of non-profits are burdensome, confusing, and very time-consuming.

Wildwood is governed by educators and members of the community who have a vested interest in it's success. All profits are invested back into the school in the form of educator compensation and benefits, scholarships, educational programs, school supplies, and school expansion.

Our overreaching goal is to create a school that is a valued part of the Gorge community with a diverse staff and student population and an academic leader in place-based and experiential education.

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