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Wildwood Academy Online Middle School - Cloudwood!


One day after Oregon schools announced they were closing due to Covid-19, we launched our online middle school. It has been a resounding success and enthusiastically received by both parents and students.


We are now offering online middle school classes to other families as a way to continue their student's education and keep our educators and staff employed during this time.

These classes allow students a daily routine and the ability to continue their schoolwork during an extended break. Our educators will interview each student individually to learn their skill level, goals, and personality.

There are two options available:


Option 1: Weekly Math Courses.  Many parents are mainly concerned about their student falling behind in math. These daily math classes will challenge them as well as enhance their mathematical acumen. The courses are designed, and sometimes led, by Eric Cohn. $100.00 per week. 5 daily classes for 1 hour per day. 4 spots available in Foundations of Math and 3 spots in Algebra I or II.


Option 2: Weekly Online Enrollment: Starting March 30th. Your student will be enrolled in our online school, taking classes, performing homework, and learning! The cost is $250.00 per week and only available as long as school is not in session. Subjects will include Math; CORE (Geography, Science, English, History), and even Art. They’ll have a daily schedule, attend a virtual classroom, interact with other students, and have some much-needed structure! 2 spots available.

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