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At Wildwood, we're a little... different.

And... what makes us different just might make us better for you.

Here are ten ways, to name just a few:

  1. Small, safe, inclusive environment - our class sizes will not exceed 24.

  2. We are a multi-age community -we forgo the notion of grade level and/or age limitations and simply meet students where they are academically so that we can help them spread their wings and soar as soon as they are ready.

  3. Our integrated curriculum with hands-on, project based units of study are more reflective of the real world.

  4. We have created a continuous progress model which allows students to learn and grow at their own pace.

  5. No grades. We assess using standards-based rubrics in an informative, comprehensive progress report - using this arena to communicate strengths and areas to work on with both the student and guardian.

  6. No state-mandated tests. Our formative and summative assessments guide our curriculum planning and teaching.

  7. We go Outside EVERY DAY, rain or shine.

  8. We go on a LOT of field trips. Field trips build community and connect learning to the real world.

  9. We offer internships and entrepreneurial education in an effort to prepare students for the future.

  10. Our school community is committed to service. The act of giving back is a fundamental cornerstone of our school.

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