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Put a label on it!

After my daughter lost a brand new pair of bike shorts ($60!) at bike camp, I'm a huge fan of labeling my kid's clothes. It's not that I didn't think of it before, I just didn't do it. Well, I'm doing it now! Then I started thinking about how everyone at Wildwood will have the same sweatshirt or t-shirt or even plaid tie... and that perhaps a suggestion of labels might be prudent. Please note, labels on your student's clothes are NOT required. I'm just thinking like a mom here who would rather not lose another pair of shorts!

There are LOTS of different options and price points out there. I recently used "Label Daddy" and like their products (but not their production and shipping time). "Minted" has a more expensive option with fancier backgrounds while "NameBubbles" and "LeeLabels" are cheaper and more basic. And this is just scratching the surface.

Happy labeling!

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