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Wildwood/Parent Day on Thursday, August 16th!

Hi Everyone!

Yes, we're sending out a ton of messages. I hope it's not overwhelming.. just getting ready for our initial school year!

Next Thursday, August 16th, at 5:00pm we'll be having our third and final 'Wildwood Day' for the summer. This is a great opportunity for kids to get together and play in a non-structured atmosphere. We will really encourage all kids to show up.

This day will also be a Parent Orientation. So, we'll go over all the expectations for attending Wildwood as well as answer any and all questions. I know people have a ton of questions and we'll get everything answered.

The first official day for Wildwood Academy is Tuesday, September 4th. We'll be heading out to Ekone for a three day/two overnight field trip to kick things off. We'll be discussing this trip as well.

Take care and, as always, please contact me with any questions.


"Mr. J"

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