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Wildwood partners with StoryGorge!

Hi Everyone!

Does your child love film or photography? For that matter, do you?

Wildwood is parntering with Story Gorge to offer amazing film and photography classes for both students and parents. These classes are invaluable in learning film and photography techniques as well as understanding cutting edge technology.

This is a very unique opportunity to learn from Sean O'Connor (that's him below), a world-renowned film maker and photographer, and his staff. Sean has traveled the globe and has been published in prestigious organization as National Geographic Adventure, Outside Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, and many others. He's also an honored contributor to a Northwest Regional Emmy Award.

My wife and I are signing up for the Photography 101 class for Adults. Hopefully we can figure out our Olympus camera :) So, we're pretty excited about it in our household.

Story Gorge will be located at the Down Under space in Wildwood. The classes will start in September (so sign up now). We're doing a pre-release to Wildwood families before going out to the general public.

To learn more about the classes and sign-up, please go to

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