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Friday! Friday! Friday!

This Friday, November 9th, Wildwood will be taking a field trip to Cascade Locks and Portland. We are starting a unit on sustainable art and engineering design, and our day will be spent learning about upcycling, downcycling, and recycling at Looptworks, The Rebuilding Center, The Renewal Workshop, and Emerald Systems.

It will be a busy and exciting day. Students are reminded to bring a lunch, snacks, and full waterbottle. We won't be outside for long periods of time, but may have to walk a little bit, so a good raincoat is recommended if rain is forecast. It is a UNIFORM Friday, and all students are expected in full, regular uniforms.

The school day will be the usual length, and unless we encounter any major traffic delays, we will be back by 3:35.


Lego Robotics Club is back!

Next Meeting: This Friday, Nov 9th

Time: 3:30-6:00pm

Open to all Wildwood Students interested in robotics. This is a fun, hands-on place to build and program robots, if you have a robot, bring it from home, if you already have it built, bring it built!

Each meeting, we will break into teams and build robots to perform different challenges, and then we have a different fun-competition. This week, I will bring pizza in about 5pm for the hungry builders, send a small snack with them for after school.

Our lasting meeting for the year will be Friday, Nov 30th. Depending on interest we will try and meet about once per month through the winter/spring.

Questions: contact Jason Sommerset (Colby’s Dad).

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