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Our Entrepreneurship program started last month. The overreaching goal for the program is to teach Wildwood students the basics of entrepreneurship, investing, and economies.

The first assignment was to write a case study on a business as well as a rudimentary business outline for their own company (due last Friday, November 29th).

I do want to emphasize that EVERY student is expected to launch their own company and actually produce a product or provide a service. This is definitely a hands-on program and the best way to learn is by getting out there and doing it.

On January 1st, the expectation is that every student has a product or service to go to market. In other words, get out in the public and start selling and marketing. We're going to track progress until the beginning of May (and along the way continually learn about aspects of business).

I encourage all parents to act as mentors for their student. Most, if not all, students at this age could use a guiding hand. I'd also like for every parent to emphasize to their student that this is their company and, in the end, they are the owner and the one who is responsible for all aspects of it. Please help guide them, but the work is their own.

We've already had some pretty awesome successes. One student has a budding hot chocolate business and is now branching out into other products. Another sold out her inventory of really cool hand-made woven coasters at the holiday market. Another is a very talented graphic designer who has launched her own graphic design company.

Take care and please reach out to me with any questions.

Dr. J

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