Winter Weather...What ifs.

Brrr! It's been cold and wet and even a bit frosty this week! We've had lots of questions about snow days and closures and how we will communicate such events. The purpose of this post is to clarify our policies regarding weather related changes to our schedule.

In the event of winter weather, Wildwood Academy will follow the lead of HRCSD. We may choose to go our own way, but their decisions will help inform our own.

Wildwood will communicate all closures and delays via the following three communication methods:

1. We will post closure and/or delay information on this blog.

2. We will post closure and/or delay information on Bloomz.

3. We will post closure and/or delay information to Flash Alert. Flash Alert is a statewide emergency alert system. Please download the Flash Alert app and create a free account to allow notifications regarding Wildwood Academy closures and/or delays. Find more information about Flash Alert HERE.

We will also work to communicate with local news and radio stations.

In the event of winter weather, please make sure to check these three communication systems prior to leaving home. If, at any time, you feel it is unsafe for you to transport your child, please stay home. We try our best to determine the quality of the roads, but may misjudge your local area. Our number one priority is the safety of your family.

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