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Ekone Film Celebration - January 26th

30 hours of hard work and dedication combined with genuine all comes to fruition this weekend. Wildwood students have created - from the storyline, to the footage, to the music, to the lighting, to the B-roll, to the credits - two short films about Ekone Ranch and we are very excited to share them with our community!

In addition to the films, there will be live music, food, drinks, and members of the Ekone staff will be here too. The festivities kick off at 6:00PM. We ask that all students arrive in their "Dress Uniform". We are also hoping that students will bring a dessert to share. Please note that a dessert is optional. What matters most is that students and their families join in the celebration of this incredible work! All members of our larger Gorge community are welcome. If you know someone who might be interested in this event, please bring them along. Entrance is free.

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