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Parking Fiasco (Part II)

A parent had a great suggestion to take complaints not just to Ron, but also someone higher up. Ron's boss has proven to be as nasty and abusive as he (so not sure it's worth going there). However, if you are so inclined, you may want to reach out to the VP of Marketing. The railroad is doing a huge marketing push right now and contacting the VP of Marketing may get their attention.

The VP of Marketing is Steve Gregory. His contact information is below:

303-903-9495 (office)

Again, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so much for any help. We've been nothing but reasonable during this entire process. We don't even use the parking that much and many of our events are non-profit and for the community. Considering the railroad has nothing but empty parking, and they've taken millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars in subsidies, we just feel this could have been easily resolved for everyone's benefit. It's a shame it's come to this point. In the end, we'll just persevere and move forward (something we constantly preach to the kids).

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