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Buy Surge's Eggs!

My name is Surge Hargrave. I am an 8th grader at Wildwood.

Starting Monday, October 7th, I will be selling fresh organic eggs at school on Mondays and Thursdays of each week. I am charging $4.00 per dozen for my organic, free range, medium sized eggs, which are naturally multicolored. I will have a red cooler by the door of the school all day from drop off through pick up on those days. If you wish to buy my eggs, please take a dozen and put $4.00 in the money container in the cooler. Please return your empty container back to the cooler when you buy your next dozen eggs. Why buy eggs from me? . Know your source! Our happy chickens are part of our family and are treated kindly . Buy local! Low carbon footprint, eggs only travel 6 miles from Mosier to Hood River. The eggs are carpooling to school with students. . Convenience! You would be coming to school anyway. . Organic and better for you . Low cost! My pricing is $1.29 to $3.59 less than comparable eggs sold in Hood River (for example Rosauers)

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