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Catch Michelle Yamamoto's art all June at 301 Gallery!

Michelle Yamamoto, our art teacher, will be having an exhibition all of June at the 301 gallery. Michelle is not only a wonderful teacher, but an amazing artist. Below are Michelle's words on the exhibition:

Hello friends and art lovers,

301 Gallery is featuring an innovative show through the month of June. Called “Storytellers,” the show features two artists, myself and Yong Hong Zhong and considers the narrative aspect of the visual arts. Yong Hong Zhong is showing his brilliant landscape watercolors, paintings that tell the story of his life’s journey from China to Portland, Oregon.

My part of the show features paintings of various figures placed in a unique blend of realism and abstraction. The paintings are focused on historical and current cultural stories where I find simple joy and deep connection.

I hope you’ll stop by 301 to enjoy the show. The gallery is open 11am to 5pm every day. Let me know your thoughts!

Warmest regards,


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