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Dov Rohan. The Man! The Myth! The Legend!

'They' said it couldn't be done.

There was no way it was humanely possible to build fifty individual student desks in a week's time.

Built by the student's themselves.

Well, 'they' were wrong. It was possible, and the man leading the charge was the unflappable Mister Dov Rohan.

He drew up the designs, sourced the materials, organized the crews, put them to work, and then delivered the finished desks to the school.

All in record time.

Best of all was the student experience of using 'mostly' recycled material to build their own desk that will be used everyday.

An amazing job by Dov with the assistance of the equally unflappable Joe Vincent and the meditative calm of Caleb Peretz. And, of course, the outstanding efforts of the student's themselves.

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