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Lindsay Gott to teach cooking at Wildwood!

Hello Everyone!

I’m very proud to announce that Lindsay Gott will be teaching our cooking classes for the remainder of the trimester. Lindsay is an amazing chef who received her Grand Diploma from Le Cordon Bleu. She was featured in Gorge Magazine this month and runs an AMAZING baked goods company called Icebox Bakery ( If you haven’t tried her baked goods, be prepared to have your mind blown!

She is also a Wildwood parent.

Below is a short bio of Lindsay. I feel very, very fortunate to have her teaching at Wildwood as someone with her education and experience doesn’t come along very often.

Lindsay Gott Biography

Lindsay Gott is the founder and executive chef of Icebox Bakery, one of the many food businesses she has started throughout her career. Lindsay is a long-time resident of Hood River, settling here by way of San Francisco, where she cut her teeth as a cook and entrepreneur. Her interest in food and cooking began as a young advertising executive in San Francisco. One weekend, she took her first cooking class on a whim at a local school was hooked. She soon went all-in, left her first career behind, and moved to Paris to earn a Grand Diplôme from the Le Cordon Bleu.

After returning to the States, Lindsay worked at Alice Water’s Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, honing her skills and gaining a deep appreciation for quality ingredients, the connection to farming, and simple techniques that create universally-appealing flavors that stand the test of time. Lindsay has always loved to share her knowledge and understanding of food and cooking. She taught classes at the school where she took her first class and founded a cooking party company that taught teams and friend groups how to cook in their homes.

Upon arriving in Hood River in 2001, she worked as a baker and decorator at the famed Polly’s Cakes. In 2006, Lindsay helped elevate and shape Hood River's food scene when she opened The South Bank Kitchen--a gourmet delicatessen, bakery and catering service (now Boda’s Kitchen).

After a stint away from the food business while her daughter Trudy was young, Lindsay started Icebox Bakery last year. The business came from a desire to help food lovers create and share the pastries and goodies they love in their own homes—knowing that most of them are short on time but not taste! She finished building out its commercial kitchen in her home garage right as the covid pandemic hit and so began selling her goods at the Hood River Farmers’ Market. She is now busy expanding into grocery and small retail stores in the Gorge and Portland.

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