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Quick COVID Update

Hello Everyone - 

Just a quick update on our response to Covid and the upcoming school year. 

The environment right now is one of constant change. At any moment, the state can, and has, changed regulations and restrictions. Like many businesses, we must adjust accordingly. 

We are currently making preparations for any scenario whether it is complete in-school participation, alternating days, or online learning. This means purchasing the necessary technology; preparing our school and classrooms to meet social distancing requirements, and procuring the necessary cleaning materials. In addition to our outdoor campus, we are also exploring ways to set up outdoor classrooms at our main campus. 

Our goal is to physically open the school with our entire student body present. Hopefully, state guidelines allow that to happen. However, we are prepared for whatever scenario we are presented with. 

We’ll have a lot more information closer to the start date of September 8th as the situation can, and probably will, change between now and then. 

Take care and please reach out with any questions. 

Dr. J

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