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Sylvia Moore's awesome online craft classes!

Hi Everyone -

One of my duties at Wildwood is to run our Entrepreneurship program. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than when a student takes on the initiative to create their own company and it gives me great pride to help them in whatever capacity I am able.

Sylvia Moores is an upcoming eighth grader who has started her own business providing on-line craft classes. These classes start May 26th and end on June 23rd (although more might be added to the schedule). They run from 4:00pm to 4:45pm and cost just $5.00 per household. Ranging in topics from origami to braiding to pop up cards and more, the classes are very fun and educational! The ages range from 6 - 10 (but parents can join as well). They are a great way to keep kids social and engaged during the Covid-19 scenario.

For a complete schedule, or more information, please go to Sylvia's web site at

You can also email her directly at

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