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Wildwood Launches Online Schooling!

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One day after Oregon schools closed due to the Covid-19 crisis, Wildwood opened up online classes to our community. The classes were a resounding success and warmly received by both parents and students.

We've decided to open up these classes to families outside of our community. We understand that some families aren't able to continue their child's education during this extended break and this is a great option for maintaining their learning and acumen.

All funds will go directly to educators and staff to assist them financially during these challenging times.

Students currently in 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grades may apply.

There are three options available:

Option 1: Weekly Math Courses. Starting March 30th. Many parents are mostly concerned about their student falling behind in math. These daily math classes will challenge them as well as enhance their mathematical acumen. The courses are designed, and sometimes led, by Eric Cohn. $100.00 per week. 5 daily classes for 1 hour per day. Minimum of 4 students and maximum of 24.

Option 2: Weekly Online Enrollment: Starting March 30th. Your student will be enrolled in our online school, taking classes, performing homework, and learning! The cost is $250.00 per week and only available as long as school is not in session. Subjects will include math; CORE (geography, science, english, history), and even art. They’ll have a daily schedule, attend a virtual classroom, interact with other students, and have some much-needed structure! 24 spots available.

Option 3: Enrollment in Wildwood: Starting March 30th. If you would like to enroll your student in Wildwood right now, they will become a full-time student until the end of the year (approximately 9 weeks) whether online or in person. They’ll be given a Chromebook for work; allowed to attend fields and day trips; and all the other benefits of attending Wildwood. The cost is $2000.00. 7 spots available.

Please contact Joe O'Neill at for more information. You may also fill out our online interest form at

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