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Required Items for School

We have organized the tuition so that it includes almost any kind of field trip or extracurricular fee as well as a Google Chromebook for every student. We anticipate minimal 'extra' fees outside of tuition. That said, Wildwood is no ordinary school, so the required items for students are a bit out of the ordinary:


All Terms

  • Formal attire for formal days.

  • School uniform

  • Rain gear (because we're getting outside rain, shine, or snow)

  • Backpack and refillable water bottle

  • Notebook with pencils and pens (provided for a $20 fee)

  • Yoga mat (provided)


Fall and Spring Terms

  • Hiking shoes and clothing

  • Attire for sailing and stand up paddleboarding.

  • Sleeping bag and camping clothing for overnight field trips


Winter Term

  • Winter clothes for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

  • Swimsuit and towel for swimming


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