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Off Campus Trips

Below are our anticipated events for the first three years of our looping curricular cycle.  Many of our trips will tie into lessons and will be curriculum based.


Almost every Monday, the school will be engaged in off campus trips to a variety of areas and studying multiple subjects. Below is an example of our off-season schedule:


September and October

- Oregon Coast: We'll camp for 2 days on the coast crabbing, cooking, hiking, and even foraging for food. This is a great opportunity for students and teachers to become acquainted and set goals for the school year.

- Portland Bridge Tour: We'll spend a day in Portland studying bridges and bicycling around the city.

- SUPing and Sailing: We'll take advantage of the last sunny days to SUP and sail during the early weeks of fall.

- Mushroom Hunting: We'll spend the day hiking and foraging for mushrooms around Government Camp (the spot is top secret).

- Other Activities: We may make a trek out to Pacific Hermitage (to visit the Buddhist monks), take in a performance at the Arlene Schnitzer Theatre,  watch some Timbers, Thorns, or Pilots soccer, and build a haunted house.


November thru February

- Mount Saint Helens and/or Mount Adams: We'll plan a day of trekking to either, or both, of these beautiful mountains.

- XC Skiing and Snowshoeing: We'll do many excursions into both Washington and Oregon that will include at least one overnighter. In addition, we'll learn avalanche safety, CPR, and winter survival skills.

- Wind Farm: We'll begin studying wind energy and make a trek out east to a wind farm.

- Culinary Institute: We'll spend a day learning the basics of fine cuisine and cookery at the Oregon Culinary Institute.

- Chinatown: We'll spend a day in Portland's Chinatown getting the 'underground' tour and learning about Chinese history and culture (and eat some delicious dim sum).

- Other Activities: We may go dog sledding, ice fishing, make a visit to OMSI or the Children's Museum, and even plant some trees.


March - June

- Oregon Shakespeare Festival: We'll plan an overnighter to Ashland to take in some of 'The Bard's' work and tour Ashland.

- Geode Gathering: We'll take a trip out to Madras to gather geodes and do some star gazing.

- Tree Farm: We'll make a visit to Boardman's tree farm to learn about sustainable tree harvesting.

- Joseph: Considered the 'best city' in Oregon and full of wildlife and beautiful scenery. A great opportunity to learn about Indigenous Americans and Chief Joseph.

Other Activities: Lots of mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, and wildlife observation as spring brings in babies and bird migration.




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