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Place-Based Education


“This Place-Based Education approach can serve as a framework to connect learning models, increase the power of our educational system and serve as the foundation for a thriving democracy.”- Nate McClennen


Place-based education is a next generation approach to learning that is appropriate for the challenges of the 21st century. While delving into our own community, our curriculum will also include a deep understanding of other cultures, history, and countries and how they relate to our own community and place. We will also explore innovative technologies that will shape the world over the next twenty years and ensure our students are prepared to meet these changes and challenges with a receptive, engaging, and positive attitude.

Wildwood works collaboratively with the Teton Science Schools. Teton is considered the definitive leader in place-based education. With this partnership, Wildwood not only gains access to experienced educators and a wealth of resources, but is part of a network of other place-based schools who engage in idea sharing and problem solving.

To learn more about place-based education, please click here.



Margot Angstrom from Teton Science School working with our staff at the Wildwood campus.

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