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The Arts

Wildwood emphasizes the arts and humanities and students will have a wide and comprehensive introduction to all forms of creative expression including painting, sketching, music, theater, dance, and sculpture.

Students will learn how to express themselves creatively in many different forms throughout their tenure at Wildwood. As they move up through the grades, more and more emphasis will be given to individual expression and creation or original works.

Students will be expected to create many works across all mediums with increasingly complexity with each grade level.

The arts curriculum will largely be thematic in basis and will incorporate the many forms of creative expression. An emphasis is given to theater because it incorporates communication with peers, public speaking, rote memorization, dictation, emotional connection, and themes relevant through the strands of humanity. (Shakespeare is always a part of our theater program.)

Students will study the art around them in all forms and how it influences their community and the world-at-large. They will study art throughout history and it's affect on public perception and policies given a certain cultural or political climate.


By the end of eighth grade, students have developed proficiency in the following:

  • Experience with the technical aspects of paint, canvas, clay, and other mediums. Students should have the ability to autonomously choose their own mediums and tools and care for all working materials.

  • Ability to revise and rehearse towards a finished project or production.

  • The executive management skills to work towards a deadline.

  • The ability to effectively coordinate and work with peers.

  • A deep understanding of the role of art throughout history in all mediums.

  • Understanding of design including shape, shade, perspective, size, color, direction, line, and  texture.

  • Articulate the vocabulary and concepts across a variety of artistic media.

  • Exhibit skills across a variety of artistic mediums.

  • Interpretation and production of published works.

  • Creation of original works.

  • Ability to respond to constructive (and non-constructive) critiques.

  • Ability to provide constructive feedback to peer works.

  • Consideration of the public for any creative work.

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