The Lessons of Wildwood

Academic Philosophy

At Wildwood, we believe that learning should be interesting, stimulating, and always challenging. Education should be looked upon as an opportunity to learn, expand one’s horizons, and better oneself.  Education should also be seen as a way to inspire curiosity and as a tool for exploring the world around us.

Life and Social Skills


The world is becoming more complicated.


The power of social media, access to technology, and the elimination of conventional norms have created an increasingly confusing, isolated, and complex world. We believe in teaching students the skills to,  not just navigate but, thrive in this ever-evolving environment.

The Outdoors as a Classroom

The Gorge is a mecca for outdoor learning. At Wildwood, we attempt to teach outdoors every day.


We incorporate botany, entomology, and geology into fly fishing classes.


We introduce math and meteorology into our cross-country skiing and sailing classes.


We use our overnight camping trips for astrology and mountain rescue lessons.


And so, so much more.




From 6th grade onwards, students learn how to start and run a business through classroom teaching, case studies, assignments, and hands-on projects. They understand personal finance and the foundation of a solid financial acumen.


They also learn the fundamentals of commercial and residential real estate.


More importantly, they learn about business ethics and how to develop companies with sustainable business models and community outreach.



The humanities can be described as how to document and process the human experience. Understanding music, art, philosophy, history, religion, and literature enables a deeper and richer understanding of our world and one’s place in it.


The Gorge is one tiny area in a very big world. Anthropology will be a key component of our teachings. Learning about other cultures and peoples will be vital to our curriculum. In addition, we are exploring relationships with partner schools around the world for exchange programs.

Giving Back

"Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation or reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you."

         - Princess Diana


Perhaps service is helping a foster child or planting trees; Maybe it’s giving a free music performance or collecting plastic trash. Giving back comes in many forms and we will work with each student to identify how they wish to make a positive impact in this world.