General School Information

We have school dogs that belong to the owners and educator that will be on campus.

We do not allow cell phone use from students during school hours or activities. 

We ask that every parent, and student, sign a student contract at the start of school. The contract is an understanding of the expectations of attending Wildwood Academy.

We do not have uniforms, but we do have a dress code.

We encourage families to travel and will work with them so their child doesn't fall behind.

Each student is responsible for their own lunch.

Some of our activities aren't safe. We use power tools. We get outdoors. Your child might get poison oak; scratches; sunburn, or even a broken bone. They might need stitches. We take safety precautions, and of course we try and ensure the activities limit risk, but eliminating all risk is impossible.

We expect that, if contacted regarding a student's negative behavior, parents will be respectful and work with us so the student can learn, reflect, and augment future behaviors.