What is Wildwood Academy?

Let's start with what it's not.

It's not an elite private school that caters to a specific socioeconomic class.

It's not an alternative school that caters to high special needs kids. While we are extremely empathetic to any child or family with special needs, we simply don't have the resources to effectively serve those students and their families at this time. That said, we are happy to discuss if Wildwood might be a good fit in the future.

It's not a 'safe' school that pacifies and protects students from, well, everything.

It is a school that provides an inspiring and challenging academic experience while encouraging students to engage in 'age appropriate' challenges, responsibilities, and stresses while helping them gain a strong moral foundation.

Let's break that down.

Learning should not be drudgery. It should be inspiring and engaging and students should be excited to come to school. Too often, students experience the exact opposite. They're made to feel like cogs in a factory with boring lectures, archaic curriculum, dry reading materials, and over-worked teachers. A one size fits all mentality that turns many students off of education and learning.

At Wildwood, our classes are movement-oriented and project-based. We understand the needs, passions, strengths, and weaknesses of each student and provide a more 'individualized' experience appropriate for that student. We get them engaged. We get them involved. We get them excited. We strive to make them critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

What are 'age-appropriate' challenges, responsibilities, and stresses?

We don't pacify or coddle our students. They are adolescents... that way station between childhood and adulthood. Our responsibility is to help them on that journey. We expect them to be responsible for their behavior, their studies, and their words. We work with them to learn how to stand up for themselves and deal appropriately with social pressures (we do not remove those social pressures). We work with them to understand how to deal with failure, being offended, and rejection. We do closely monitor 'age inappropriate challenges' such as drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco products, social media and technology pressures, and peer ostracization.

Gain a moral foundation.

Part of our job is to help students understand what it is to be part of a community and how their actions impact the world and the people around them. We'll get them involved in community projects and mentoring younger children to gain empathy and develop leadership traits.