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Programs Overview

Globally Aligned Programing: An International Baccalaureate Candidate School

The IB aspires to help schools develop well-rounded students, who respond to challenges with optimism and an open mind, are confident in their own identities, make ethical decisions, join with others in celebrating our common humanity and are prepared to apply what they learn in real-world, complex and unpredictable situations.

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

The MYP is designed for students aged 11 to 16. It provides a framework of learning that encourages students to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers. Wildwood Began the authorization process in Fall of 2023. We design each element of our program to reflect the MYP framework while continuing to embody the place-based, expeditionary spirit that has propelled our academic adventures from day one. 

Academic Progam Levels

IMG_6828 2.jpg

5th Grade Pod

Exploring with Curiosity

Building Foundationslal Skills

Finding Confidence 

A Supportive Introduction to the Wildwood Adventure 


6th - 8th Grade
Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Connecting to Creativity

Growing in Resilience

Becoming Life-Long Learners

IB Aligned Curriculum

Dynamic Electives

Expeditionary Learning


9th - 10th Grade
MYP Capstone

Empowering Passions

Realizing Agency 

Challenging Boundaries​

Academic Rigor

Elective Concentrations

Travel Study

A Holistic Approach for Future-Ready Students

Learning to Learn 


The future is filled with questions.

Students want answers! 

Wildwood is here to help.

4 core classes and a long list of dynamic electives are just the start. It takes an approach that teaches hard and soft skills to empower students with the confidence to tackle any challenge they face. Combine that with a community of caring, ambitious students and educators and the future may look just a little brighter!

A Framework to Build
Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity, and Resilience 

Experience a Week at Wildwood with Virtual Tour

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