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Shadow Days

A shadow day consists of having a student attending either a half- or full-day at Wildwood, depending on availability. 

During the day, the student will be assigned a student chaperone (or two), who will ensure the student feels welcomed and comfortable. They'll attend the school as a regular student to ensure it's a good fit with the school culture. Each educator will take time to talk with the student, learn about their interests, and answer any questions regarding their class.

Prospective Student Day RSVP
Tuesday, April 16th 

Join the Wildwood community and other prospective students for a full- or half-day immersion into the Wildwood experience. With the opportunity to explore all core classes, plus art and sportsmanship classes, we know that not only will we get to know each other a little better, but the excitement for next fall will only grow! If you can not attend but are interested in shadow opportunities, please contact

Base on your availability, please pick one of the following options for your RSVP:

Full-Day (8:10am - 3:15pm)

Half-Day (8:10am - 12:00pm)

Half-Day Plus Lunch and Assembly (8:10am - 1:00pm)

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