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The Wildwood Way

We follow the Wildwood Way in pursuit of our vision, using our mission to guide our steps, and our values to define our interactions.

Our Vision

To develop ambitious, global thinkers who embrace mutual respect, stewardship, and the shared goal of creating a better world.

Our Mission

Empower each other to be resilient and confident leaders, global citizens, and problem solvers. 
Connect our learning to the world beyond to better understand ourselves and our responsibilities in a local and global community. 
Grow together with creativity, curiosity, and joy through expeditionary, place-based education.

Our Values

Community-Centered: We uphold an inclusive and compassionate environment, fostering relationships built on mutual respect, stewardship, and the shared goal of creating a better world.

Curiosity-Driven Learning: We champion a learning culture that thrives on curiosity, encouraging students to question, explore, and seek knowledge across boundaries to develop a deeper understanding of the interconnected world.

Interdisciplinary Excellence: We embrace the richness of diverse knowledge, promoting the integration of disciplines and multi-age classrooms to equip students with holistic understandings and the skills to be lifelong learners.

Expeditionary Spirit: We cultivate a spirit of adventure and exploration, providing opportunities for hands-on, real-world experiences that challenge and empower students to engage with the global challenges of our time.

Confidence and Resilience: We nurture the growth of resilient individuals who have the confidence to tackle complexity, embrace ambiguity, and navigate challenges with courage.

Global Citizenship: We inspire students to become caring global citizens, who ambitiously explore and innovate solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

For the 2024-2025 School Year...
Accepting Applications for Grades 5-10!
Applications Open February 1st

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