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At Wildwood, our curriculum is thematic nature and each discipline works off the same thematic subject. For instance, the theme for the first trimester of the 2021/22 school was "What was the Columbia River Basin?" Each instructor was asked to design their curriculum around the theme. As an example, in applied math, the student's created a flume similar to one that was created over one hundred years ago to deliver logs twelve miles to the Columbia River. In community and cultures, they delved into Native American history, and in art, the students studied the origins of certain historical Hood River buildings and then created clay replicas of those buildings.

We believe strongly in having specialists in the fields of English, math, community and cultures, and science lead each of those classes. These are primary subjects that should be led by experts in their field that will allow the educator to focus and delve into the curriculum and lesson planning. However, our educators work together to develop their respective curriculum while integrating the theme of the trimester.

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