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Wildwood Meets Enrollment Goals!

Starting a school is a daunting endeavor. We had no idea what to expect from the community.

Suffice to say, we're ecstatic about the reception.

Our goal was to fill the first classroom with twenty four students by the start of school in September. It's just April and we've already met that goal. Better yet, the families and kids that will be in the first class are really, really cool :) A diverse and eclectic mix of personalities and interests that will make for a dynamic classroom environment.

We're currently interviewing teacher for a second classroom as there is so much interest.

We're brainstorming how to make Wildwood a school that kids will get excited about attending. We've already settled on our first overnight to start the school year (more on that later), rights of passage, Friday excursions, school clubs, and much, much more.

To be continued....

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