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The wheels on the bus go round and round..

So, we picked up a school bus. A 65 passenger beauty that dates all the way back to the Reagan administration. We won't say what we paid for it, let's just say it costs more to fill it up with a tank of gas.

It has a cherry of an interior and that old school bus smell. Ah, brings back those awkward days of walking down the bus aisle in 7th grade, praying there was a seat (next to someone who didn't view me as a carrier of the plague), and then trying to get in a nap before my 7:30am French class (did I mention that Wildwood starts at 8:30am!!!!).

Our mechanic says this old girl still has a lot of life left in her. Can't wait to get her full of kids, rambling down the highway, in search of adventure. My daughter says the bus is definitely a 'she' and we'll need to find a name.

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