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Meet our new Wildwood teachers - Claire Gilchrist and Catherine Brown!

Hi Everyone -

So, tons of exciting news will be announced in the coming weeks. Probably the most exciting is that we have two new teachers at Wildwood!

Claire Gilchrist

Claire Gilchrist will be teaching our second classroom. Claire has ten years of educational experience teaching in Canada and France along with a Masters of Language Education at the University of British Columbia. Most recently, she was Head Teacher at the Incentive Outdoor Academy in Richmond. She's a 'multi-dimensional' educator, meaning that she'll be teaching all the core subjects.

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown will be teaching Spanish at Wildwood. She has over three decades of teaching experience and has taught around the United States (in 47 of 50 states) as well as countries as diverse as India and Vietnam. She's excellent at teaching conversational and 'real world' Spanish and is a strong believer in 'hands-on' learning.

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