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Chromebooks are coming HOME!

After much anticipation, and an extra dose of patience or two, the chromebooks are finally here and ready to go home! All of the chromebooks are equipped with protected searches and a firewall, managed by the school. The chromebooks are intended to be used for academic purposes - not for gaming, downloading music and/or movies, or for instant messaging/social media sites.

Students have been instructed in how to log-in to both the device (using their school email and a personalized password) and Kiddom - the learning application that we have chosen to use. They have also all subscribed to the school blog. Some students may also have an additional log-in to KutaWorks for math.

Emails are in the format of first initial followed by last

Example: John Smith would be

Passwords are in the format of first name + year of birth.

Example for John: john+2005

Students will be coming home with one more form - SORRY! - directly related to their devices. This outlines the specific expectations of usage with the chromebooks and responsibility for loss or damage. We appreciate you taking the time to read through this form with your child. Please return it signed no later than Monday, October 15th.

For those of you who live with a middle schooler :) - the form is also attached below... just in case.

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