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A Soaring We Will Go... Sort of.

It's another busy week here at Wildwood Academy!

Mrs. G.'s class was off to Bright Beginnings on Tuesday.

Sean will be here to continue work on the student's documentary about Ekone Ranch on Friday.

We have OBOB meetings, Robotics Club, and a new Hip-Hop inspired dance club as well!

Most importantly, we are headed to the Hood River Soaring Club on Friday afternoon! We will put our physics knowledge into action to help us understand how gliders stay aloft, meet glider pilots of all ages, and, fingers crossed, have a chance to sit in the cockpit of a glider! We will depart school at 12:30 and return by 3:30. Afternoon pick-up will NOT be impacted.

Hood River Soaring has also extended a very warm invitation to Wildwood Families to return to the glider port in the evening and partake in their end of the season BBQ celebration.

From Cory Roeseler, Hood River Soaring's President: "Wildwood families are invited to stick around, learn more about the planes and hear stories (both true ones and make believe) of airplanes new and old. Bring your family, something to throw on the grill, and a smile, as we enjoy the last of the sunshine, and celebrate another terrific Hood River Soaring season. We have a number of esteemed volunteers to acknowledge, new members to welcome and thanks to express at 5:30ish, but I invite you to come fly before then and stay late. Swing by for an hour or more, and help celebrate all that the glider club has achieved in its brief 3-year history."

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