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Back to Ekone

We are headed back to Ekone Ranch tomorrow! FOR REAL! Students will spend the day working on their documentaries about the ranch and their capital campaign to rebuild the existing infrastructure. We should return by 3:00 so pick-up will not be impacted. We will contact families via Bloomz or phone calls should we encounter traffic delays.

The weather has shifted since Monday and we are now anticipating a 40% chance of rain. On our walk this morning many students were dressed in cotton hoodies that did not provide adequate protection from the rain and wind. Please remind students to dress in warm layers, wear appropriate footwear to get muddy and wet, and bring a rain-jacket. This is a "uniform light" day - Wildwood T-shirts and Hoodies are expected. Uniform bottoms are not but, please, no leggings.

Students will also need a lunch and a water bottle. Extra snacks are a good idea too - we get extra hungry in the fresh air!

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