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The Upcoming Wildwood Trimester

Upcoming Trimester (estimated reading time of seven minutes)

Overview: Well, the first trimester at Wildwood Academy was never boring! Let’s see… delayed construction; bus malfunctions; uniform mishaps; computer delays, and, we can’t forget the broken septic tank. Still, we view the first trimester as a tremendous success and the first building block in the culture of Wildwood. A big ‘thank you’ to everyone for believing in us. It's been immensely rewarding and the group of kids we have are truly special.

So, without further ado, is the plan for the second trimester!


Please make a note to check our online calendar, updated continually, is on our web site at, this will have all the vacation days as well as upcoming events.

Upcoming Field and Day Trips

  • November 30 and December 7: Volunteering at Fish and senior center.

  • December 21: Boat design and races at Hood River pool.

  • January 10-11: Overnight at Trout Lake Abbey (team building and hiking).

  • January 17 and 31: Learn about Accupressure

  • January 24: OMSI - King Tut exhibit.

  • February 1: Snowshoe excursion.

  • February 21: Filming of 'Screenagers' and Ghana drumming with the entire school.

  • Feb 8, 15, 22, and March 1: Project work at White Salmon Maker Space

Cool Activities

  • Students will finish up their documentaries about Ekone Ranch.

  • Running club.

  • Yoga continues.

  • Bright Beginnings.

  • Robotics Club continuing - January through May.

  • Oregon Battle of the Books - Competition in February.

  • Down Under with film, photography, music, and art lessons.

  • XC skiing excursions.