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Polar Bear Club on New Year's Day

It's called Wildwood... not Wimpywood for a reason.

So, in the great tradition of those crazy Norwegians (who reportedly invented it because they needed to sing falsetto for some of their Winter Solstice songs), we're having a Polar Bear Club on New Year's Day. OK, not 'we' as in Wildwood... because, technically, this isn't a school sponsored event (something about liability and potential for hypothermia, frostbite, or just getting really, really cold).

I mean 'we' as in as many nut jobs as we can find.

The festivities will kick off at noon. Shane Eagan (of Four and Twenty Blackbirds fame) is graciously going to cut down some dead wood from his property and start a massive bonfire we're hoping can be seen from a space station off Mars.

The Polar Bear Club will consist of wading into the frigid Columbia River (or swimming for the very brave) and then running back to said bonfire. Bring libations, hot dogs, s'mores.. whatever can be roasted over a fire (or is really, really, really warm).

Parents, students, and friends are encouraged to participate. Or, you can just stand next to a toasty fire and laugh at the shivering lot of us.

The location is just as you enter The Hook. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

Dr. J

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