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The Gorge Scholar offers after school lessons in music, math, and more!

We're very excited to announce the launch of The Gorge Scholar! This is an after school program for kids aged 7 - 17 offering lessons and classes in music, math, art, dance, and theater (and even more).

The Gorge Scholar is open to the entire community and the lessons and tutoring will be fun and educational. The goal is to help every kid in the Gorge. The private lessons are designed for each individual student and customized for their learning style and level. The group classes are very small and also tailored towards the personality and level of each student.

All classes and lessons will take place at Wildwood Academy.

To learn more, please email Joe O'Neill at You may also go to our web site at to learn more or sign-up.

Ceb teaching music through The Gorge Scholar!

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