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Results of 2020 Blind Survey from Parents

A big part of our mission at Wildwood Academy is to understand our community and what our families are looking for in a school. An education isn't just about classes and tests, it's about creating a sense of curiosity in students, ensuring they feel part of a community, and truly understanding who they are as individuals.

This year we sent out a blind survey to our entire community asking them what was important for them about the school and their student's experience thus far at Wildwood Academy. The results were very illuminating! We sat down, as a staff, and went over each and every question and the responses so we can further tailor the school to meet the needs and expectations of our families.

Below are some of the takeaways from the survey questions. A link to the entire survey answers is as the end:

92% of parents responded that their child is having a positive, or mostly positive, social experience at Wildwood. 

95% of parents responded that getting their child outdoors on a regular basis was important or very important.

43% of parents feel that 1 -3 hours of homework per week is appropriate while 34% feel that 4 -6 hours per week is appropriate.

91% of parents feel that 'Inspiring Curiosity' is the most important aspect for an educator.

100% of parents responded that they feel Wildwood educators understand, or mostly understand, their student and needs. 

96% of parents responded that they feel their student has a very good, or good, connection with a Wildwood educator. 

83% responded that they want a structured setting, but with plenty of time for socialization, outdoor time, and independent study.

100% of parents responded that they feel Wildwood provides a very safe, or safe, environment for their student. 

100% of parents responded that they feel their child has a positive, or mostly positive, experience with their peers at Wildwood. 

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